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Updated: Jan 6

NOT streaming on all platforms soon

Having just spent three years making 55, the time has come to release it. As well as being exciting, it is also a mine field of decisions. I've investigated the options for streaming of my record. It's not pretty. Subscriptions to distributors, passing the gatekeepers at Tidal or iTunes, ripped-off by Spotify and co. So I thought about it differently.

I want people to hear my music, of course, but how they hear it and decide whether to buy it is something that's important to me.

I decided to host my LP right here on my website. No streaming from anywhere but here. Available to buy as high resolution .wav or .mp3, per track or as the full LP. Pre-orders for vinyl (180gm, full-colour, lyrics, liners, download sticker) will be taken up to the run limit of 250, for the first pressing.

From my point of view, with no live shows and no current audience, it makes no sense to have my music "available globally". Revenue to artists from streams is notoriously low. Without the potential to cover costs no artist can survive. If my fans can stream my music they will, but in the end my career as a creator will fizzle out.

So releasing this LP, this way, makes sense to me. It gives me direct contact with folks who are still interested in music for it's own sake, not as a social media phenomenon.

Releasing this LP, this way, is a political act. It rejects the framing of music within the narrow terms of commodities and markets and encourages engagement with the music itself, which after all is what we're here for, no?

Peace mx

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