Recording and Production

Tracking. Multi-track mixing. Audio mastering. Post-production and overdubs. Session musicians available. Collaboration welcome.


A Record is Forever

Producing a record is demanding on the artists and the production team. As writers, musicians, arrangers, engineers and producers we have been both sides of the glass for over thirty years and our experience has covered everything from 80s indie singles to orchestral recording. From guitar sessions in London to drum tracking in the Outer Hebrides. There is nothing we haven't tried and no mistake we haven't made in the pursuit of recorded wonderment.


If you have an idea that won't let go of you, High Street is the place to make it real.

Recent Studio Clients

Our clients have included song-writers, bands, solo musicians, poets, radio shows, actors and film-makers. We have recorded harpists, cellists, metal bands, folkies, grungers, jokers, creatures, live shows, dead shows, no shows, zeros and heroes. Everyone is welcome. Bring your ideas to us and let's make a record.

msamson 55

- Album tracking





by High Street Records & Abacus Songs. Photography: Kim Ayres

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